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The Blaydon Races Resource

Pre Visit Resource: Familiarise your group with the Shipley

Pre-visit Information for teachers

After you've booked a visit, take a look at our Pre-visit information for teachers and group leaders. It contains all the information you'll need for planning your day at the Shipley.

Self-led Resources

Hooky and Proggy Mats - a Beginner's Guide

The tradition of making rag mats isn't unique to the North East but the terms hooky and proggy are. They are also known as clippy mats, proddy mats and peg rugs, for example.

Like many crafts, mat-making was originally born out of necessity, but today is very much about the pleasure of making and the growing interest in recycling.

Download the set of instructions below, put together by textile artist Ali Rhind, to take you through the process of making proggy and hooky rugs as well as making the frames and tools. If you are interested in running a hooky or proggy project with your class, we have a set of small frames and tools that we can loan you for a month. Get in touch with the Learning Team to find out more: or (0191) 278 1937

How to: Hooky and Proggy Guide

And check out the accompanying instructional film :

Winter Wellness Postcard Project

This winter take part in our Winter Wellness Postcard Project by creating a piece of artwork on or attached to one of our winter leaves.

Follow the guidance here on how to create your artwork.

Download and print the leaf postcard template here.