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Until Friday 19 July

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Prices vary
Duration: 2 hours

For pricing guidance, please email a member of our Learning Team at

PLEASE NOTE: The Learning Team can travel up to a maximum of 5 mile radius from the gallery to deliver in-school workshops.

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Workshop Summary

Do you need a touch of creativity? Then get the Shipley Art Gallery to visit your school on a Wednesday.

We will visit your class and help your students explore artwork or themes inspired by our wonderful art, craft and design collections. Children will be taught techniques and make their own amazing artwork and will be able to get up close with our fantastic handling collection which includes objects made by artists whose work is on display in the gallery . We even offer a free whole school assembly when you book more than one workshop*.

You could even use our sessions to support your Arts Week in school or to support an Arts Award project.

Suggested sessions include:
Portraits with Textiles
Designing Chairs
Blooming Marvelous mini Gardens

Antony Gormley
Nora Fok

If you are studying any other artists or topics please get in touch to see if there are any links to the collections or current exhibitions on display as we may be able to create a bespoke workshop for an additional fee.

*If eligible for a free assembly, this can only be delivered on the same day as the booked workshops

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